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Very honest staff they are the first audiologist that do not put me under pressure. Definitely coming back.
risa tanaka, on Google
Eddy Geadah was professional and thorough. He listened carefully to my responses to his questions. He was unhurried, despite an emergency that occurred at his home while I was there. I am very pleased to have him caring for my hearing.
Sybil Stokes, on Google
Love the staff friendly atmosphere and extremely helpful as well as knowledgeable
Den, on Google
I started at Penta in Princeton about 4 months ago. I had an excellent audiologist, Mea. She worked with me about a month but I was having trouble with the earpieces, so she ordered me custom replacements. They arrived and while I was in the process of see if they worked, she left. I then saw Eddie, who changed all my settings and then he left or was fired. Another person was assigned to me, she has been very helpful and working very hard to correct things. I will write again and change my opinion if it gets corrected. I am waiting for an appointment with a manager but it has not happened yet. To be continued I received an appointment with the Manager (Keri Ruf) on November 21, 2017. She was very professional and concerned that my hearing needs were not being met. She contacted the manufacturer while I was there and it was determined that the model of hearing aids that I had was incorrect. Ms. Ruf worked with her management to upgrade my model and at no cost to me. This shows me that the company is concerned with their clients. The new model is fantastic. Two things that I have learned from this is 1) to see an audiologist and not a technician and 2) if you are having problems that are not being addressed, don't believe it when the technician tells you that contacting the manager will be not help.
Richard Pavuk, on Google
I am quite satisfied with the office Penta Hearing, but I cannot say the same about the product Thrive I bought from MicroTech. The hearing aid is working fine as long as I am not trying to hear conversation over the background noise (like in a restaurant). Then, I cannot hear at all, so I take the hearing aid out. Another problem is the SurfLink Mobile 2 which is supposed to connect hearing aid to my phone or tablet by BlueTooth. It fails too often, so I have to replace it already for the second time. The only piece of equipment which works flawlessly is the stationary radio transmitter SurfLink which I use for TV and laptop. This proves that the fault is at the SurfLink Mobile 2. So, MicroTech, please help me make my hearing aid work as expected. I am writing it on oct 29, 5 months later. Mei Gao helped me find hearing aid I really like, Oticon. It works flawlessly, just as hearing aid, with my iPhone and with TV as well. People hear me very well when I call them unlike with MicroTech/SurfLink. The problems I had with SurfLink disappeared. It is day and night compared with previous one. Thank you Mei!
Sasha Migdal, on Google

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